Erin Hill
Erin is Branches of Wellness’ Program Director/Owner. She is a compassionate and nurturing Yoga instructor and energy worker.  Through her classes and practices, Erin encourages people to embrace themselves where they are today, move at their own pace down their chosen path, and smile while they rediscover their wonderfulness and potential. Erin has been involved with Yoga and Reiki for over 10 years, as they were her path to healing from systemic and discoid lupus erythmetosis. She received her Yoga certification from T.R.Y. 4 Life in 2008 and her Reiki Master certification from Carol J. Spears in 2006.  She is also a member of Yoga Alliance. Her teaching style has been influenced by Shiva Rea, Jennifer Kries, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh and Spirit, to name a few. Presently, she is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Practitioner/Energy Worker and Dance Educator.  She believes that moving energy will initiate and promote healing, balance and joy whether it is through yoga, dance, Reiki, meditation, shamanistic healing or prayer. "As we practice listening to our body's voice and where it tells us to go or stay, we reestablish trust between the mind and body, laying the foundation to our own unique path to healing." Since receiving her certifications, Erin has been teaching yoga in the Lake County area at the Fairport Dance Academy, Branches of Wellness, the Fairport Senior Center, and local school districts. She has also been invited to speak and educate on Yoga and Reiki at Lake Erie College and local Health and Wellness Expos/Events. "We are all in the same boat...me, you and everyone else. We are not sinking if we all believe we are afloat... Let's float. "
 Al Morgan
 Navy Veteran, Al Morgan, became a Licensed Massage Therapist through Harmony Path massage school in Rocky River in 2007. Since then, his experience has been enriched by practicing in spas, doing in- home massages, and by partnering with various holistic health care providers.  Al specializes in deep tissue massage, neuromuscular and trigger- point therapy, sports rehab, pre/post surgery massage, Chinese massage cupping, and energetic Reiki healing. He also specializes in over used and over worked muscles due to stress, workouts, daily living, raising children, and carrying the world on your shoulders.   He enjoys making the ouchies go away and has a passion for helping to "fix" his clients.  Al works intuitively with a sense of spirit in connection to the individual, providing a deep healing massage with lasting results.
Michelle Gonzalez
Michelle began walking the path in 2011 when she attended her first yoga class. She was curious, and in spite of feeling intimidated, she forced herself to go. After experiencing Shavasana for the first time, she felt ‘her face melt’ and has been hooked ever since.  Michelle not only enjoys the physical aspect of the practice but is moved beyond words by the spiritual practice. In January of 2014, Michelle became certified in first degree Usui  Reiki.  Learning and practicing reiki affirmed her heart’s desire to share health, wellness, and healing with those who seek it. To uphold her newfound dharma, she immediately enrolled in T.R.Y. 4 Life 200-hour yoga teacher training, and received her certification in May 2014.  Michelle is currently marketing manager, reiki practitioner, and yoga instructor at Branches of Wellness.  She also teaches yoga for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  “I finally feel like I’m home.”    .         
 Lyndsey Kohn

Lyndsey unknowingly stumbled into her life’s work in the year 2000, when she took her first yoga class at the Shree Muktananda Ashram.  She came into the practice seeking knowledge and physical health and found a world of emotional and spiritual healing as well. From there, she continued her practice at home,  studying independently, and eventually began taking vinyasa flow classes at a local gym. Though she loved the physical movement, she always found herself wanting to know more about ALL the aspects of yoga aside from the postures. What about philosophy, breathing, chanting, meditation and MORE relaxation?!   She found it all in the Kripalu tradition, and in 2008, Lyndsey attended a month long immersion at the Kripalu Center, where she received her 200- hour Kripalu Yoga teacher certification. She returned to Kripalu later that year to get certified to teach Yoga Dance- a practice that combines her love of music, yoga, and dance. In 2009, she obtained her basic certification as a practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage of the Tao Mountain lineage.   That same year, she took her first degree reiki class and became a certified Pilates instructor through the National Exercise Teacher's Association.  In 2010, Lyndsey completed her Master level of Usui Reiki training with Erin Hill and became her apprentice.   She began co-teaching reiki trainings and passing attunements with Erin in 2014.  She has returned to The Studio Cleveland and completed intermediate Thai massage training in 2013. Lyndsey is currently working toward her 500- hour Kripalu Yoga teacher certification, and teaches to all ages all around Lake County and the Cleveland area, including teaching patients and employees of the Cleveland Clinic.  She particularly enjoys teaching a variety of yoga styles to people who think they cannot do yoga.  It is so gratifying watching people blossom and unfold as they come home to themselves and release imagined limitations. Lyndsey a graduate of Hiram College with a BA in music.  She helps to manage Branches of Wellness as well as offering classes, private sessions, and treatments there.

 Anna Shostrand-Anna began her yoga journey in the early 2000s at the urging of her friend and teacher, Lyndsey Kohn.  Together they would practice Iyengar videos and attend local classes. Occasional practice became consistent practice when Anna discovered the Kripalu yoga tradition.  This gentle compassionate approach resonated deeply with her and breathed new life into her body and heart.  It also strengthened her determination to do what she loves, and pass on the peace and healing she has received to others.  She took her first level one Usui Reiki class with Debbie Craven in 2009, and continued her studies in Reiki.  Anna received her Master level Usui Reiki certification with Erin Hill in 2012. That same year, she began student teaching at Branches of Wellness.  She experienced 2 years of teaching a variety of yoga styles to all ages from children to seniors, and helped to develop the Reiki restorative yoga class.  In 2014, she received her 200- Hour Aura Wellness Yoga Teacher Certification with Highest Honors.  Her style has been inspired by many local teachers, including but not limited to; Lyndsey Kohn, Denise Brown, Anne Ondrey, and Erin Hill. She continues to teach yoga, practice Reiki, and manage the studio office at Branches of Wellness, and feels blessed to be doing so!

Connie Lesler Connie is an Ethical Massage Practitioner, offering European massage, Thai massage, Reiki, and aromatherapy services and products with doTerra oils.  Not only does she provide wonderful services, but she also creates unique gemstone jewelry that can be found in the boutique at Branches of Wellness.   Connie began her fitness career in 1977 when she was first certified as a Fitness Instructor, and shortly after as a Personal Trainer.  She spent two years working with overweight and physically limited people at University Hospital, as well as working with the Substance Addiction Unit of Laurelwood Hospital.  After opening an exercise facility of her own, Connie continued working with the overweight and physically limited under the guidance of a Licensed Dietitian.      As her focus gradually shifted from fitness to healing arts, Connie decided to pursue her interest in massage and energy work.  She graduated from the Cleveland School of Massage and Advanced Bodywork in 2006. There she studied Swedish Massage, Polarity, and Reflexology, and accrued 100 hours of hands-on massage experience.  Connie received her certification as an Usui Reiki Master in 2006 as well.   In 2012, Connie received her Tao Mountain Basic Thai Massage training through Sarah Cheiky at The Studio Cleveland.  

Sally Hribar
Sally first experienced reiki when she came to Erin Hill seeking relief from an autoimmune disorder.  She could not believe the physical and spiritual relief that she felt after just one treatment, and she knew that she wanted to share this healing with others. From 2011-2012 Sally took all three levels of Usui Reiki with Erin Hill, receiving her Master level certification in March 2012.  She also worked side by side shadowing Erin to fine tune her treatments.  Sally now offers reiki at Branches of Wellness and the Fairport Senior Center.   “I can attribute Reiki with changing my outlook on both my disease and my life.”

 Josie Lahr-  
  Josiehas a background in Physical Education from Kent State and has worked with all ages for over 17 years.  In 1996 she became certified by ACE as a Personal Trainer and began working professionally in fitness.  Since then she has also become certified in aquatics, group fitness, and completed her yoga training at the Yoga Connection, an affiliate of the American Council on Exercise.   She has come to specialize in therapeutic exercise both pre- and post-rehab and enjoys working with clients and students with special challenges.  Over the years, Josie has shared her passion for wellness in classes such as: yoga, chair yoga, water aerobics, aqua yoga, group fitness classes for seniors, boot-camps and suspension training.  In her 15+ years as a trainer, Josie has learned to really listen to the needs of her clients and students, adapting to meet their needs in a safe, fun, and effective way.  She radiates experience and enthusiasm in her classes, and it is clear that she loves what she does!  

Bethany Soeder 
Bethany discovered holistic healing arts back in August of 2011 when she was seriously injured in a car accident.  During her five week stay at Metro Health Hospital, she received Reiki treatments and found that it greatly aided her recovery.  In 2014, Bethany became a certified Level One Reiki practitioner with Erin Hill and Lyndsey Kohn, and looks forward to continuing her Reiki training in the future.   Bethany also recently discovered the amazing healing properties of essential oils and aromatherapy, and became an Aromatouch Specialist with doTerra oils.  Essential oils have quickly become an important part of her family’s everyday life as they use them for everything from muscle rub to cleaning products.  Bethany loves to practice yoga and hopes add teaching yoga to her repertoire down the road.  Currently, she offers combination treatments of Reiki with Aromatouch for a wonderful full body healing experience.   

Ernie Betz
Ernie has studied a variety of spiritual paths including; Christianity, Judaism, comparative religions, A Course in Miracles, and Sufi teachings.  He also has training in Astrology, Numerology, Acupressure, Massage, and Chakra balancing.  He is a certified Reiki practitioner both in Usui (2nd Degree), and Practical Reiki (Master level).  Ernie is also a practitioner and instructor of Quantum- Touch, another form of natural healing energy work.  He currently volunteers his time giving healing sessions to employees and patients at the Cleveland Clinic.   
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Also, click on this link to Ernie's website! www.CreeksideHealing.org

Kathleen Crozier
For 13 years Kathleen Crozier practiced Oncology/Hospice nursing.  Her work in healthcare has evolved to the healing arts.  She is a graduate of Ohio Holistic Health Careers and received her certification in Elemental Reflexology at The Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies.  She has furthered her studies and is now certified as a Polarity Practitioner.  Kathleen is currently enrolled in a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy program and will complete her training in August of 2014.  Holistic Healthcare has always been a part of her life and she is eager to apply the knowledge and share her skills with her clients.