Christina Imondi

Christina Imondi


Christina is a Licensed Massage Therapist and level 2 Reiki practitioner of the Usui Holy Fire lineage.

Christina began to search for more holistic and personal ways to help people after serving in the military and working as an EMT. Seeing the positive transformation in her mother’s life after beginning Reiki courses in 2012, Christina sought the same knowledge and ability to help people energetically and became a level 2 practitioner.

With Reiki becoming a more serious consideration in her life, Christina wanted something more tangible to ground the healing arts for her, being a very hands-on person. She began classes at the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and graduated in July 2021.

Christina has experienced that the intentions of a healer are felt in the results of their care. After engaging in classes with Branches of Wellness, it was clear that true healing and wellness are at the core of the practitioners and instructors here- aligning with Christina’s practices.

Outside of massage and Reiki, Christina spends her time with her son, Andreas, family, and friends.