Creating Kids Accounts

Creating Kids Accounts

This help page is intended to assist parents with setting up accounts through our secure service provider to create accounts for their children without having to provide personal credentials for their children, beyond individual names. Once, child accounts are created, you can register your children for kids classes, workshops, and events. (NOTE: Child names are not required to be factual.) Below, you will find instructions for registering additional accounts tied to your personal email address. As such, you can ensure your child’s data is protected (as you are not required to enter any factual or individual information tied to them specifically).


NOTE: THIS PROCESS MUST BE DONE THROUGH A BROWSER NOT THE APP. The app does not provide functionality to access this feature (as far as I could find).

Acceptable browsers include Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


If you do not have a personal account already, click here to create your PARENT ACCOUNT.


If you already have an existing account, click here to Sign In to your account.


To maintain access to this page as you step through the following instructions:

From a laptop or desktop, right click the link above and click “Open Link in New Tab”

From a mobile device, tap and hold the link until you see a pop-up menu, then tap “Open in New Tab”

After registering your personal Parent Account, make sure you are logged in.

You should see a profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen (a female or male generic icon OR a personal profile picture if you have created/uploaded one). Click here, then click “My Profile” from the drop-down menu.

Immediately under the highlighted Overview menu button and next to your name, you should see a tab for “Family Member” with a plus sign (+) above it. Click that tab.

Enter whatever name for your child you would like. (Again, you can further protect their online identity and information by providing fictitious information, such as “Kid1”)

Click to check “Use my email” to associate all communications with your Parent Account email address.

Fill in your Parent phone number and address, as required.

At the bottom of the page, click “+ Create Account” on the right.

You should now be able to register your children with their individually named accounts for any kids class, workshop, or event.