A Virtual Introduction to Tarot with Jeanette Peters

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A Virtual Introduction to Tarot with Jeanette Peters

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Tarot but have feelings of trepidation because of the stigma around it? Do you feel overwhelmed with the complexity of understanding the cards? Then these mini lessons may be exactly what you need to deepen your understanding and move past the fear of using this method of divination.
Join Jeanette for a series of 1 hour mini-lessons that will help you to unravel a deeper meaning of the cards. Each lesson has been created to give you a better understanding of the Tarot and its mysteries, and will help you to build a solid foundation as you uncover the deeper meanings of the cards. As you complete each mini lesson, you will be creating a strong foundation of knowledge on which you can lean on when you learn how to read the cards in a 6wk interactive online class with Jeanette starting in 2021.
*It is highly recommended to attend all 6 classes, if possible, as a pre-requisite for a more in-depth Tarot Reading Course with Jeanette.
Week 1- History – In this mini lesson we will take a trip through history to uncover the story of the Tarot. We will discuss the roles that Ancient Egypt and Greece played in its creation all the way up to the early 20th century, and the Rider Waite Deck. We will also touch on the astrological influence on the Tarot. Grab your favorite journal and settle in for a fascinating look through the ages.

Week 2- Major Arcana – In this mini lesson we will journey through the Major Arcana and learn how these 22 cards tell a specific story. We will find out where you are on your journey of the Fool and what that means. Make sure you grab your favorite journal for this class.

Week 3- Minor Arcana – In this class we will uncover the unfolding of the Minor Arcana. We will discuss what the role of the Minor Arcana is and why is it important. Make sure you grab your favorite journal for this class.

Week 4- Court Cards – In this mini lesson we will work with the 16 Court Cards in the Tarot Deck. Learn how you can use these cards to represent people who influence our life situations. Make sure you grab your favorite journal for this class.

Week 5- Symbol Meanings – This insightful mini lesson will cover some of the basic symbolism in the Rider Waite deck. Learn the importance of these symbols how these have helped to evolve the Tarot of today. Make sure you grab your favorite journal for this class.

Week 6- Tarot vs Oracle & Spreads – This mini lesson will cover the differences between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards as well as some basic card spreads. Did you know that you can use the same spreads for a Tarot reading and Oracle reading? Make sure you grab your favorite journal for this class.
Instructor: My name is Jeanette Peters and I have been reading and studying the tarot and its mysteries for over 15yrs. I have an extensive background in working with intuition and applying this to multiple divination techniques. I hold a 500hr teaching degree, a reiki master, and Native American healing techniques.
Cost: $27/class or $135/All 6 Classes
Supplies Needed: Rider Waite or the Universal Rider Waite Deck
**Class Requires a Minimum of 5 Participants to Run
**Once Pre-Registered/Pre-Paid, participants will receive Zoom link for class
Register and Pay at: www.branchesofwellness.com

27 October
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