Embracing Your Change Identity: Seasonal Life Coaching! Via ZOOM! with Nazalee O’Hearn

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Embracing Your Change Identity: Seasonal Life Coaching! Via ZOOM! with Nazalee O’Hearn

6-Week Course via Zoom Only
Thursday Evenings Oct 7- Nov 11
7:00-8:30 PM
Investment: $180.00

We are SO excited to launch 6-week Seasonal Life Coaching Course in October with Nazalee O’Hearn via Zoom!

In the 6-Week Course geared toward Self-Empowerment you will receive a Louis Hay Affirmation Card Pull, 10 minutes of Guided Meditation and Coaching techniques by the best teachers in the Life Coaching Industry.
Nazalee’s teachers, Dr. Chole Madanes, Magali and Mark Peysha of the Coaching Institute, have coached thousands of Master Coaches for Tony Robbins.
This course will help give you techniques around “Change.” When in doubt…choose change.
SO, What do YOU need to change?
Fall Course Focus:
Week 1- Getting to Know Your Change Identity
Week 2- Getting to Know Your Behaviors- Learning 5 Techniques
Week 3- Emotions You Do Not Want to Have Technique
Week 4- Boundary Technique
Week 5- Focus on What You CAN Control; Talking Back to a Fixed Mindset; Self-Compassion Self Talk
Week 6-Reality Check and Self Efficacy Technique
Nazalee’s goal through this program is to create a community of women to safely gather and be in circle to elevate. Becoming the most healed version of yourself is a life-long journey. Nazalee is a student of life and is a guide on the side…not a sage on the stage. She believes in her clients and wishes nothing but joy for them.
She is a Certified 1:1 Life Coach and Group Coach.
**Requirements: Be Ready. Be Open. Be Willing. Be Wanting.
**Investment: $180.00
**Zoom ONLY
**This course is limited to 20 women
** A New Course will be offered this Winter
Nazalee is a licensed personal coach by world renowned personal coaches Mark and Magali Peysha from Strategic Intervention (SI) Coaching Institute in Los Angeles California.
She is also a coach at Cleveland Clinic where she guides her colleagues helping them to build resiliency and to overcome their personal and professional obstacles. She has led group coaching for 16 years at Weight Watchers and is training for further group coaching certification from SI.
Nazalee focuses on positive psychology and most importantly she treasures working with her clients energetically. She is a second degree Reiki Certified practitioner from Branches of Wellness and she wishes to complete her degree of Master level in 2020. She is an avid student of Shamanic yoga and also practices at Branches of Wellness.
She is a non-profit executive infusing her spirit based work into big corporate cultures and major conferences. She isn’t afraid to stand out and to go against the grain of the traditional corporate environment and to lead with joy, heart, openness and spirit.
In recent years she has learned the importance of letting go of the past and to passionately pursue her truth.

Visit: https://www.nazaleecoaches.com/ for more info on Nazalee and read her testimonials.

07 October
Thursday @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm