Head Neck & Shoulder Relief: Myofascial Release Techniques

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Head Neck & Shoulder Relief: Myofascial Release Techniques

Join Ryan Manista and learn from his expertise as a licensed physical therapist assistant and certified personal trainer specializing in human biomechanics.  This workshop will be focusing on improving the tensegrity or tension within your head, neck and shoulder regions with proper application of self-myofascial release. If you came to Ryan’s previous workshop at Branches, this will be a great class to add to your previously learned skills. This class is also perfect for you if you have never done this type of exploration before.

Intro to Fascia and Self Myofascial Release (SMFR)

The human body holds internal stress, tension and pressure primarily in the connective tissues.

Our connective tissues are referred to as fascia.

Fascia is literally everywhere and around every single structure inside the body:

muscles, bones, ligaments, heart, lungs, digestive system, spinal cord, brain, etc. Myofascial tissue refers to the fascia around our muscles.

 Complications with the Fascia System and How to Address Issues with Self MFR

When our fascia stores excessive pressure, it causes our muscles, organs, bones and all other internal structures to become stressed, crushed, misaligned and not function properly

Imagine the kind of damage that can take place with up to 2,000 pounds of pressure being stored inside of you, thus affecting your internal body systems. The crushing and pulling forces within the fascia typically leads to pain, headaches, medical issues, PAIN, limited mobility, excessive stress and dealing with movement imbalances

Self-myofascial release is self-applied / sustained pressure into the muscle tissues with the use of a simple object such as a lacrosse ball. Self MFR changes and minimizes the excessive pressure we can store  in our body.

The minimizing of pressure in our fascia system with proper use of self MFR can lead to: Less pain, improved mobility, improved blood flow, improved alignment, enhanced mental clarity, faster muscle recovery, enhanced athletic performance and greater overall functioning of the human body

The fascia system is vastly overlooked in the medical field and fitness industry when attempting to solve problems with pain, health issues, movement imbalances and in trying to optimize athletic performance.  Our fascia system impacts our entire mind-body connection and all the body systems collectively. Unfortunately, this is all too common with today’s professionals and leads to diagnoses being incorrectly evaluated, irrelevant attempts at addressing problems and less than optimal gains in athletic performance. Being unaware, uneducated and simply not addressing the extraordinary fascia system is leaving out a huge part of what a human is and how a human functions.

*Need a Minimum of 5 participants. ONLY 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CLASS.

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24 April
Friday @ 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm




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