Lunar Union of Breath & Sound: A New Moon Gathering

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Lunar Union of Breath & Sound: A New Moon Gathering

Join Kamalika Stockton and Lindsey Marie Whited for a transformational evening for intention setting, meditation, breath work and sound healing for the New Moon.
We live in uncertain times, day-to-day life can leave us feeling chronically stressed , overwhelmed and disconnected from our bodies. Through this disconnection we can develop stuck energy and emotions that can lead to imbalances in the body such as physical symptoms, illness and disease.
As we transition out of a global pandemic and increase our activity and social engagement, we need to make time to ground and reconnect with ourselves, making self-care a priority.
Breath and sound are some of the most ancient and primal forms of healing and are innate self- healing tools we can access at any time. Combined, they are working on a cellular level, shifting and breaking up stagnant energetic and emotional blocks in the body, regulating our nervous systems, and bringing us into a state of balance and relaxation allowing healing to happen on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
As we unite breath and sound we can more easily connect with our energetic field where insights, visions and intuition can be accessed to support us with our healing. The breath-work and sound frequencies shift unwanted energies in our field to make room for the new growth and life. The New Moon is a potent time for clearing, starting fresh, and getting clear on our intentions the next cycle.
We will be creating an intentional sacred space together so each person can feel safe and protected in their healing process. We invite all people with all levels of experience or no experience with these modalities to join us.
We will start the journey with a guided grounding meditation, followed with breath-work accompanied by live soundscapes of crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, chimes, rattles, drums, gong and intuitive vocalization.
**We will be maintaining social distancing.**
**If you feel called to join us but finances are an issue, please reach out and let’s work something out.**
We are honored to be sharing this medicine with you.
In love and community,
Lindsey and Kamalika
About the facilitators:
Kamalika Stockton is a certified Wim Hof instructor, Reiki master, licensed art teacher, mom, and intuitive teacher. She helps people reconnect with nature, themselves and others.
Lindsey is a certified sound healer, reiki practitioner, movement facilitator and earth based ritualist. She believes we all have the ability to heal using sound, movement and nature as tools to come back into a state of balance and ease within our bodies. She is passionate about supporting individuals on their healing path, sharing tools of wisdom that have worked for her own physical and spiritual healing journey.
What people are saying:
It was difficult to put the experience into words as it was so soul moving. Learning the foundations of the Wim Hof breathing method was really interesting and was presented in a digestible way. I have had sound healings before but there was something different (and amazing!) with the experience. I truly felt transported into a place of warm healing; one where I felt safe and wrapped in love and light. I know that experience wouldn’t have been as moving if the setting didn’t feel emotionally safe. You and Kamalika created an environment of non-judgement, peace and safety which lent itself to my profound experience.
Jennifer Emch, M.Ed., LPCC-S
Owner, Supervising Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Ubuntu Wellness
It was astounding how lost in myself I was. There were times that I didn’t even feel like my body was laying on the ground – but that I was in another world. I haven’t been that relaxed, I don’t think ever.
Amy Lanese, RYT-200, Raindrop Therapist, Reiki Master, Young Living Executive Distributor
I was blown away by the power of this workshop. Learning the Wim-hof breathing method, coupled with the tribalistic and healing music resulted in a vibrational atonement the likes of which I have never before experienced in a workshop setting. It was transformative and inspiring.
Marlo Emch- Director of Mindfulness School Programming at
Ubuntu Wellness, LLC

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10 July
Saturday @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm