Posture and Pain with Ryan Manista

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Posture and Pain with Ryan Manista

Join Ryan Lee Manista and learn from his expertise as a licensed physical therapist assistant and certified Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialist.
**In-Studio ONLY.
**Investment: $60
This in-depth and thorough small group class will focus on employing proper application of self myofascial release and learning the fundamentals of quality human biomechanics by using the Functional Patterns methodology.
Learning about the human evolutionary blueprint and what objective characteristics make a human function properly on a physical level, will start the self empowering process for you to make the gains without any of the pains.
Applying the Functional Patterns methods have proven to showcase longer lasting results for:
-acute and chronic pain relief
-improved mental clarity
-improved posture
-decreased stress, decreased inflammation
-enhanced mobility
-greater aesthetics
faster exercise recovery
-improved entire body systems functioning
-as a preventative measure for unnecessary surgeries
As a result of attending this specialized class, you will gain:
1) An introduction to the Functional Patterns method for problem solving human postural imbalances.
2) A personalized postural analysis of your current imbalances and how to start intricately activating your muscles to reverse your imbalances with corrective exercises.
3) Clear instructions on how to employ self myofascial release effectively to help decompress and rehydrate your tissues
4) The mindset required to start objectively analyzing your own body and making the necessary changes to improve your own joint health.
5) Personalized instruction based on your individual needs during a hands-on, small group class.
**Group Class Attire:**
The training session involves postural and movement analysis of the entire body at all times.
This will provide the trainer and client the best overall assessment for objectively defining current movement patterns and imbalances within the client’s structure.
To accomplish this level of examination, please come prepared to wear the following attire:
Men: bare feet, shorts with knees exposed and no shirt
Women: bare feet, shorts with knees exposed and a form fitting sports top with the upper and lower back exposed
If you have long hair, please secure your hair on top of your head, so the neck and shoulders can be exposed during the assessment process.
**If you are uncomfortable complying with the attire request, that is fine.**
We can work around some of the clothing during the session.
Keep in mind, excessive clothing will lessen the ability to assess accurately and
therefore, limit the amount of progress we can achieve together in a training session.

10 February
Thursday @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



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