Self Myofascial Release Class with Ryan Manista

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Self Myofascial Release Class with Ryan Manista

Fridays: Jan 28 and Mar 4
6:30-8:00 PM
Join Ryan Manista and learn from his expertise as a licensed physical therapist assistant and certified Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialist.
This foundational class will focus on employing proper application of self myofascial release to decrease pain, improve posture, reduce stress levels and enhance athletic performance.
You will learn the essentials for helping yourself employ high quality self treatment to improve the quality in all that you do! You will leave this workshop feeling better than when you walked in and you will learn how to repeat this powerful process all on your own at home!
Applying a high quality form of self myofascial release may lead to longer lasting results for:
-acute and chronic pain relief
-improved mental clarity
-improved posture
-decreased stress
-enhanced mobility
-greater aesthetics
-faster exercise recovery
-improved entire body systems functioning
-as a preventative measure for unnecessary surgeries
The fascia system is vastly overlooked in the medical field and fitness industry when attempting to solve problems with pain, health issues, movement imbalances and in trying to optimize athletic performance.
Our fascia system impacts our entire mind-body connection and all the body systems collectively. Being unaware, uneducated and avoiding the extraordinary fascia system is leaving out a huge part of what a human is and how a human functions.
Unfortunately, this is all too common with today’s professionals and leads to diagnoses being incorrectly evaluated, irrelevant attempts at addressing problems and less than optimal gains in athletic performance.
As a result of attending this class, you will gain:
1) Education about the human fascia system, myofascial release and why it is important to understand fascia health for improved joy in your life and to start reversing issues with your health.
2) Clear instructions on how to employ Self MFR effectively and in a safe manner
3) Education on the most commonly overused and aching areas in the human body and how to start addressing specific issues
4) Methods on how to start addressing posture imbalances and pain issues with a self empowering practice.
*Investment: $50
*In-Studio Only
*Min # of Participants: 3, Max: 10
*Pre-Regsitration/Pre-Payment Required

04 March
Friday @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm



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