Lisa Fleming

Lisa Fleming


Lisa Fleming 300RYT, ERYT, Reiki Master

Lisa began her yoga practice in 2008, looking for peace during a divorce and Systemic Lupus flare. Within months of having a regular, gentle yoga practice, she went into remission. She decided then that it was her responsibility to share this healing with others and started teacher training in 2009. One year later Lisa bought OneTree Yoga in Euclid, and in 2012 she opened her second studio.

In 2015 Lisa sold both yoga studios to travel and experience freedom, backpacking and exploring for a year, teaching yoga in different countries, and learning through experiences.

In 2016, after 8 years in remission, Lisa entered another serious Lupus flare. This time she was prepared. Using what she’s learned on her yogic journey, she’s recovering with more knowledge and peace than she’s ever had before. Lisa feels that she’s been blessed with this ancient practice so that she can share it with others. Knowing that there is no “cure all”, she approaches her classes and students with empathy and compassion, and offers modifications for all. Trained as a Reiki Master by Erin and Lyndsey, Lisa is more than excited to officially join the Branches of Wellness family, and so grateful to be here!