Lyndsey Stropkey

Lyndsey Stropkey

Lyndsey Stropkey   Co-Director/Instructor/Thai Massage/Reiki Master/

 E-RYT 500 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Lyndsey stumbled into her life’s work in the year 2000, when she took her first yoga class at the Shree Muktananda Ashram. She came into the practice seeking knowledge and better physical health and found a world of emotional and spiritual healing as well. From there, she continued her practice at home, studying independently and eventually taking vinyasa flow classes at a local gym. Though she loved the physical movement, she always found herself wanting to know more about ALL the aspects of yoga aside from the postures. What about philosophy, breathing, chanting, meditation and MORE relaxation?!  She wanted more yoga like she had experienced in the ashram.  She also found herself in the midst of experiencing deep trauma and needing a lot of emotional healing.

She found it all in the Kripalu tradition, and in 2008, Lyndsey attended a month-long immersion at the Kripalu Center, where she received her 200- hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher certification. She returned to Kripalu later that year to get certified to teach Yoga Dance- a practice that combines her love of music, yoga, and dance.

In 2009, she obtained her basic certification as a practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage of the Tao Mountain lineage. That same year, she took her first degree Reiki class and became a certified Pilates instructor through the National Exercise Teacher’s Association.

Lyndsey completed her Master level of Usui Reiki training with Erin Hill in 2011 and became her apprentice. She began co-teaching Reiki trainings soon after, and created the BoW Reiki training manual in 2017/2018,

She returned to The Studio Cleveland and completed intermediate Thai massage training in 2013. Lyndsey then completed her 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher certification in 2017, and is on her way to adding Ayurvedic Yoga instructor to that certification.  She has also become an assistant teacher at the Kripalu Center, where she has the honor of helping other teachers on their paths.

Lyndsey had the pleasure of spending and five years working with organ transplant patients and employees of the Cleveland Clinic Hospital system, using Reiki and yoga techniques to help people manage stress and pain.

She enjoys sharing a variety of yoga styles with people who think they cannot do yoga, and lightening the mood with laughter. It is wonderfully gratifying watching people heal, blossom, and unfold as they come home to themselves and release tension and imagined limitations.

A 2004 graduate of Hiram College with a BA in music, she loves incorporating mantra, sound, and music into healing, and teaching yoga with live music.  She enjoys sending Reiki through creating live musical medicine with John Welton & The Awakening.  You can also find her teaching yoga, offering energy work at music festivals, and running OmBase, a group that is a mobile festival wellness center!  Lyndsey offers yoga classes and private sessions, workshops, Reiki certifications, Thai Massage, Reiki, and shamanic treatments.  She is currently working on starting the Branches of Wellness School of Yoga to begin training new yoga teachers!