Nazalee O’Hearn

Nazalee O'Hearn

Life Coach

Nazalee is a certified personal Life Coach and Group Coach through the Strategic Intervention (SI) Coaching Institute in Los Angeles, California.  She is also a (Tony) Robbins-(Cloe) Madanes Trained Coach.

As a Group Coach, she is certified to lead group webinars teaching hundreds of life coaching and transformational strategies taught by Tony Robbins.

As a 1:1 Transformational Life Coach for women, she focuses on positive psychology and most importantly she treasures working with her clients energetically.  Nazalee has worked with hundreds of women around the world to help them create healthier relationships with themselves and others.

She is a second degree Reiki Certified practitioner from Branches of Wellness. Nazalee also leads guided meditation sessions for various organizations, including the Cleveland Clinic, where she is also a Global Leadership Executive Coach. She is an avid student of Shamanic yoga and also practices at Branches of Wellness.

Nazalee coaches the whole woman and helps them to better understand their life vision. She helps them to work with their negative voice and to discover energetic blocks that prevent them from reaching their potential. She helps women to heal and identify blocks that prevent genuine happiness and connection to their highest self. She believes in the power of the subconscious transformation so that her clients can achieve lasting inner peace. You will learn how to clear the energetic obstacles that disrupt your creative flow and drain your mental, spiritual and emotional energy. She personalizes 1:1 sessions according to her client’s needs and goals.