Shayla Zamora

Shayla Zamora

Instructor and Practitioner

Shayla Zamora’s Journey with Yoga:

“Trying to write a paragraph on what yoga has done for me was a little overwhelming.  I had to take a deep breath, a step back, and hold space for myself. ** INHALE **  EXHALE. **

It’s beyond flexibility, strength, and physicality, which is what it started out as for me after my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2011.  What I have come to realize, but never really put into words before, is Yoga is about acceptance and love. It’s about always trying your best even though your best is not going to look the same every day.  It’s about learning that you are worth it, that you are enough.  It’s about taking the tools and wisdom that it teaches you and applying them to your life when it gets chaotic.  It’s about breaking mental thought patterns that do not serve you.  It’s about bringing a whole other level of awareness into your space.  It has taught me how to look into my shadowy places and accept, grow, and to not live out of fear.

Yoga has showed me that no matter what my goals are in this life, that I am already blessed, I already live in abundance, and I have everything I could possibly need to live.

And perhaps the most important of all for me, is the surrender of the stories I tell myself.  I learned to release labels.  M.S. no longer defines me.  I may have a diagnosis but I am already cured, and for this, i’m passionate about teaching yoga.

I am a student everyday, and everyday I have an opportunity to spread light and do my part to let others know and believe that no matter what life has thrown at them, they can heal too.

Tat Tvam Asi. Namaste, Shayla Zamora”

200 Hour Hatha Yoga

Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

Reiki Practitioner