Tracy Goldhardt

Tracy Goldhardt


Tracy dealt with lifelong anxiety that triggered panic attacks in her youth.  Becoming housebound for over 2 years in her twenties she found the strength and courage to discover new alternative treatments to overcome this debilitating mental health condition.

Tracy discovered her passion for helping others heal naturally while she worked as an office manager and wellness doctor’s assistant for 9 years. She shifted careers in 2015 and moved away from helping others with their health as a career.  She quickly knew she needed to return to the natural health world.   In 2017 Tracy branched out to launch her own healing practices.  “I just knew from my life experiences and self-healing that leaving corporate America to truly bring healing to others was my life purpose”.

She is a Reiki Master, trained under the teacher of Branches of Wellness from 2015 to her Master level earned in 2018.  Reiki is her passion, but she brings to her practice more than the traditional Reiki from her previous years of self-healing and her work in the field.   While working in the natural healthcare field Tracy earned her Intrinsic Coaching Certification, Color Therapy training and Muscle Response testing under Dr. John Brimhall.  Tracy further increased her learning with sound vibration (tuning fork) studies and of course her Reiki mastery.

In addition to Reiki, Tracy can add-on the use of Crystals, Sound Vibration, or Essential Oils including Raindrop Technique (application of 9 specific oils to the feet and spine), and she often uses color therapy in her sessions and muscle response testing.   Another service she offers is ear candling with sinus care.

For more information on the three main services Tracy offers please contact her directly at 440.413.1751