Nicole Reese

Nicole Reese


Nicole Reese is a dedicated Birth & Respectful Parenting Educator, Energy Worker, Artist, Coach and founder of SHE RISES.

Nicole has recently launched her Wild Women platform to help educate and inspire women to take Radical
Responsibility over all things Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, Motherhood and Healing.
After her own Freebirth and many years of studying about Pregnancy, Birth, Respectful Parenting and healing trauma she has finally come full circle and is ready to turn around to help other women in her community.
Nicole is a dedicated coach that has climbed her way out of Complex PTSD, Codependency and self sabotaging victim mentalities – and yet admittedly still learning everyday. She is excellent at honing in on mental blocks and self sabotaging behavior that keep women stuck in unproductive patterns. Her approach is embracing, lovingly honest, fierce and transformational, giving her clients the space to truly be seen allows them to step into their power. Shes here to share the power of belief and mindset and is committed to supporting you in becoming the catalyst of your own transformation. Nicole looks forward to helping you step into your empowered feminine role and rise above to pave a new path where we take radical responsibility over our own lives.

Reiki Release Sessions


Nicole is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Shamanic Practitioner. She uses her skills to harmonize the physical and emotional energies of the body to focus on total body healing & emotional release. During her treatments she scans the body for blockages and utilizes her energy work skills along with Shamanic healing practices, chakra alignment strategies, sound healing and many other modalities to help bring the mental and physical body into harmony. During these sessions she may even encounter passed loved ones, angels and animal guides that come to bring you messages. Each Reply Release experience is totally unique. The modalities used in her treatment are based on an intuitive knowledge of what needs healing within each client at that time. At the end of the session, you will receive a written paper of her “Automatic Writing” of what Nicole experienced in her treatment regarding blockages, guides, angels and other emotions she might have felt during your session.


~$75 an hour in person or distance session

Connected Parenting Coaching


Dear Wise Women, you’ve taken the first step – looking into ways to solve issues within your family respectfully and with integrity. I offer Connective Parenting consultation services & coaching for Mamas who may be struggling with general parenting issues. I’m excited for the opportunity to address your issues in a thorough and timely manner. We can work together to problem solve, gain tools, and find powerful solutions. What’s on your mind Mama? Let’s chat!


~Consultation + Connective Parenting Coaching ONE 60-minute session via video chat/phone $120


~Consultation + Connective Parenting Coaching ONE 30-minute session via video chat/phone $80


Reclaiming Biology: Elimination Communication Coaching


The most biologically normal mammalian process. Babies eliminating their waste OUTSIDE of a diaper. 70% of the world practices Elimination Communication. Here in America big diaper companies have wiped out this entire practice within our culture. I’m here to help restore EC. Not only is it respectful to our children to help them eliminate in a sanitary way but it also saves us from having to untrain them from eliminating in their diapers. Did I mention it’s great for the planet too? It’s no secret that about 20 billion pieces of used diapers will end up in landfills every year. This generates more than 3.5 million tons of diaper waste. My Elimination Communication Coaching allows you to have full access from start to finish on your EC journey during the first year! I’m here to help teach you the basics of EC, help you through those challenging potty resistant periods, and help you take the steps towards wrapping up EC when your child is showing signs of EC completion. It’s time to reclaim what’s biologically ours: Basic hygienic human elimination and being in tune with our baby’s needs.


~Start to Finish EC Coaching for the first year $375 (gives you access to me twice a month via Zoom or text/email/phone)


~Problem Solving EC Consultation $50 for ONE hour via Zoom or telephone


Conscious Conception: Meeting your Spirit Babies through Shamanic Journeying


I believe that every woman who has a desire to be pregnant has a soul waiting to connect with her. Conscious conception is the practice of mindfully calling a child into your womb and your life. The children that are choosing to come to earth are asking that we purify our being to break generational trauma, release shadows that hold us back and allow space for THIER LIGHT to shine through. They ask that we heal ourselves & focus on deeply surrendering to the process of conception. Through surrendering we release our control around timing, so that instead we might surrender to their divine timing. If you’re feeling a slight disconnection from calling your baby home or want to learn how to connect in general, I’m here to help give you the tools to communicate with your Spirit Babies. Together we will work to hone in your skills to connect with your babies through a series of Shamanic teachings to learn how to travel to your Spirit Babies. Through meeting our Spirit Babies we can work to uncover things within ourselves we need to release so we can allow our babies to come forward into our lives. We focus on really connecting with your womb and intuition to uncover layers of yourself to deepen your trust in your innate intelligence and intuition. This is not an easy journey, and this is just one step in the direction of welcoming your babies earth side. I’m here to say you don’t have to do this alone! This can be such a humbling experience. I look forward to showing you how you can stand in your own power through the tender process of conception.


~$150 (90 minutes in person session + 30 minutes of aftercare via text/email/video chat or phone in case there may be any remaining questions)


~$120 (90 minutes in virtual session + 30 minutes of aftercare via text/email/video chat or phone in case there may be any remaining questions)