Practitioners and Pricing

Erin Hill

Owner and Director

Erin is a compassionate, intuitive, and nurturing yoga instructor and energy worker.  Through her classes and practices, Erin encourages people to embrace themselves where they are today, move at their own pace down their chosen path, and smile while they discover their wonderfulness and potential.

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Bethany Soeder

Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

Phone: 440-635-7150


1 hrs Massage $85

1.5 hrs Massage $120

Add ons:

Rain Drop Therapy $35 | Cupping Therapy $15 | Hot himalayan salt stone Therapy $15 | CBD Salve $20 | Essential Oils/$10-$20

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Betty Ashman

Studio Manager

Betty started her healing journey after her son’s unexpected death in 2012.  At the suggestion of a friend, she decided to try a Reiki treatment to help with severe anxiety, grief, and depression.  After her first treatment, she knew Reiki would be a major factor in her healing… “ As I began to feel again, I knew I had to learn Reiki so I could help others.”  Read More!

Brianna Tavares

Massage Therapy and Practitioner

Phone (440) 231-3558 Cupping – 30 Minutes $55

Cupping – 60 Minutes $95

Massage, Relaxation- 30 Minutes $45

Massage, Relaxation – 60 Minutes $75

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Tracy Goldhart


Phone: 440.413.1751

Ear Candling with Sinus Treatment 40 Minutes – $60

Reiki 60 Minutes – $65

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment 75 Minutes – $90

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Jennifer Mikolic

Massage Therapist and Practitioner


Phone: 440-417-3014

Therapeutic Massage  30 min/$45,   60 min/$85,  90 min/$115

Senior Wellness Massage 60 Min/$65 (65 and over)

Prenatal Massage: 60 min/$85

Add On: Cupping Therapy $15

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Shayla Zamora

Instructor and Practitioner

200 Hour Hatha Yoga

Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

Reiki Practitioner

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Dawn Osewalt

Instructor and Practitioner

Thai Massage 90 Minutes – $120

Thai Massage 60 Minutes – $85

Thai Massage 30 Minutes – $55

Reiki 60 Minutes – $60

Reiki 30 Minutes – $35

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Our Class Instructors

Libby Hill


Libby Hill has been an instructor in martial arts since 1996 and began teaching Tai Chi for Health programs in 2003.  She is currently a Senior Trainer for the Tai Chi for Health Institute and serves on their international board of directors representing Senior Trainers throughout North America.

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Daniela Junqueira


Daniela’s curiosity for yoga arose out of her 10-year practice of Pilates. She had always loved activities that brought awareness and harmony to the body. Her Pilates practice felt very rich and lovely, but she felt like she needed something more.

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Darlene Kelbach

Instructor and Practitioner

Darlene has been teaching yoga since 2007 and committed to it as her full-time career in 2013.  She is 200-hour certified in the Anusara inspired tradition from Namaste Yoga Studio.  Her style is nurturing, creative, and filled with life-giving hope and inspiration.

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Tracy Butler


Tracy’s yoga journey began when she was experiencing health problems in 2008, and she decided to try yoga to help improve her overall health and wellness. She began practicing with Erin Hill at the Fairport Dance Academy while her daughter took dance classes.   Read More!

Lisa Fleming


Lisa began her yoga practice in 2008, looking for peace during a divorce and Systemic Lupus flare. Within months of having a regular, gentle yoga practice, she went into remission. She decided then that it was her responsibility to share this healing with others and started teacher training in 2009. Read More!

Nazalee O'Hearn

Life Coach

Need to make a change?  It all starts with a conscious decision to wake up, let go, and be more!  Learn more about how You can work with Nazalee as your personal life coach. Read More!

Brenda Swain


Feeling drained from working full time as a registered nurse and teaching over 10 fitness classes a week, Brenda took her first yoga class over 18 years ago, seeking something to take care of herself. She loved the strong physical practice of vinyasa yoga, and the sense of connection to something deeper within. After 3 years of practice, she could no longer deny the “inner teacher”, and became certified to teach yoga through the YogaFit system. Read More!

Char Wyatt


Char began her yoga journey in 2003 at Fitworks in Rocky River, with teacher Puma.  Back then, she was not yet aware that she suffered from anxiety. On a rough day just when she needed it, Char received an email inviting her to Puma’s yoga class.  On that day, rather than reaching for the usual glass of wine and a cigarette, she made the choice to go to class.  Following the class, she experienced the deep peace, the shanti, of yoga. Read More!

Lisa Yarletts


Lisa resumed her yoga journey five years ago, to deal with back and hip issues due to sciatica. Yoga allowed her to move without discomfort, and improved her mental health as well. Lisa completed her 200hr training in 2019 from Awaken Yoga, and became a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist in 2020. She aims to teach in a way that is accessible, and allows students to make their practice their own.

Christina Studio


Christina Studio has been practicing yoga for over 5 years and instructing for about 2 years. Christina spends much of her time with her 3 beautiful children and husband. Aside from yoga, she values her time hiking in the woods, running, painting, listening to music and reading. She has been a cosmetologist for about 15 years and feels blessed to be able to do what she loves. Read More!