Therese Yager

Therese Yager


Therese discovered holistic healing many years ago after a medical crisis left her with lingering physical issues and newly developed anxiety with panic attacks.   Traditional medical therapies did not help.  She took to research and education to learn to heal herself.  This journey has led her to become certified in many healing modalities.  It is her mission to help others learn to heal themselves.

Therese is a certified reiki master/teacher in Usui, Angel, and Crystal reiki.  She also holds certificates in Auricular therapy, Mindfulness coaching, Sound healing, Crystal healing, Chakra and Aura healing, Color therapy, Journal therapy, Anxiety management, and Past life healing.  She is a certified meditation teacher, life and spiritual life coach as well as an emotional freedom technique practitioner (EFT Tapping).  Her offerings are not limited to holistic healing.  She is also a gifted psychic reader.   She participates in local Psychic Fairs and offers private readings by appointment.

Therese is scheduling appointments for reiki (for people– and pets- by special arrangement), Ear Seeds, crystal healings, tuning forks sessions and chakra/aura balancing and cleansing, as well as any private sessions in any of the listed healing techniques.  She will be offering classes and workshops covering all of the healing practices she is skilled in and many metaphysical subjects such as astral travel, reading auras, scrying, shadow work, and more! Look for meditation with reiki sessions for an introduction to holistic healings.


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